How renting a flat with Mac Flats works...

Here is some information to help you understand what is involved in renting. Renting a flat is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Stage 1

When you see one of our advertised flats that you like, let us know and we will try to arrange a suitable viewing time.

Stage 2

If you want to take the flat then we need you to fill out an application form. This will include basic personal information, two previous addresses and two references, (e.g. No. 1 being your current or previous landlord, No. 2 being your current employer).

Stage 3

On signing the application form we will then be able to perform a credit check through the National Landlords Association. When all the pre-tenancy procedures have been completed we would agree a move in date, create all the documents and ask you to come in to the office and sign the lease. At that stage we will take a deposit equal to one month’s rent.

The first months rent should be paid before you move in.

It is normal for an amount equal to one month’s rent to be paid in deposit before entry.

Selecting your new home

Be sensible!

Do not commit yourself to living beyond your means. Make sure you have enough money left over from your rent to pay your bills, buy food and live a little.

If you are entitled to housing or any other benefit, contact them prior to signing any lease and ask what information on that they need from you.

Check on the availability of nurseries and schools, and in particular, carefully consider whether a property located or anything other than the ground floor will be suitable.

Check out the public transport. Whilst you may have your own car, you may very well need to use a bus or a train at some time. Check travel arrangements for getting to work and make sure parking availability is satisfactory to you.

Friends are important.: make sure that you can continue any social life that you want to maintain.

Selecting your Landlord

Your Managing Agent and Landlord are legally obliged to abide by the following rules:

Your landlord must be registered as an approved Landlord and have a registration number relating to the property you wish rent.

Your Managing Agent must be in possession of a Registration number in order to act on behalf of the owner of the property.

Your Landlord, Letting Agency or Managing Agent cannot charge you a fee for their services. If a holding fee is given and you decide not to take the flat then this must be returned unless you have already signed the lease.

When you move into your new home

Make notes of anything that might be damaged or broken. Make sure that all the windows open and close securely. Check that all gas appliances work properly. Locate the stop cock just in case you need to turn off the water.

Contact the gas and electricity supplier to inform them that you are taking over the property.

Contact the Council Tax Department of your Local Authority, and let them know you have moved in. Remember to check whether you can get any exemptions or awards to reduce the Council Tax bills.

The Landlord will have no responsibility should anything be damaged, or stolen that they do not own