Emergency Info

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is regarded as anything that requires immediate attention (such as a gas leak or fire or flooding from the neighbouring property etc.) Your safety is of paramount importance at all times so you should call the appropriate emergency services when required and then advise us of the situation.

Please note that emergencies do not include routine repairs or maintenance issues (such as fridge not working properly, boiler breakdown, washing machine breakdown or oven repair etc.). These are all matters that should be reported to us via the Report a Repair link on our website – https://www.macflats.co.uk/report-a-repair/

In the case of an Out of Office Emergency situation please follow the instructions below:

Gas Leak

In the event of a gas emergency act quickly and take the following safety steps:

  • Get fresh air immediately. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room.
  • Do not use light switches or other electric sockets or appliances as this could trigger an explosion.
  • Switch off the appliance and do not use it again until it has been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Turn off the gas supply at the mains.

If you are feeling ill visit your GP or the hospital immediately and tell them that your symptoms may be related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Call the National Gas Emergency number 0800 111 999.

Serious Water Leak

If there is a flat(s) above you and you have water pouring into your property from above the first step is to inform the resident of the flat above. If there is no-one at home then put a note through the door to let them know what is happening. The owner of the property above will need to call out a plumber to source and repair the leak. We cannot instruct a repair in a property we do not manage.

If you live in a top floor property and you have water coming in from above then please let us know so that we can contact the factor as a matter of urgency. Please be aware that in very wet weather roofing contractors are unable to go onto a roof to carry out a repair.

If the resident of a flat below the one you live in advises you that they have water coming into their property from yours locate and turn off the stopcock. You should contact our emergency plumber.

GasMan Energy - 0141 840 4706.

Electricity Supply

In the case of loss of electricity please check the fuses or circuit breakers for the property. If you had switched an item (kettle, toaster or lights etc.) on just before the fuse initially blew / tripped, then turn this item off and re-instate the fuse / trip switch (if safe to do so). If the fuse continues to blow / trip, please report as a maintenance issue during office hours and an electrician will be called. If the electrical item causing the issue has not been supplied with the property you may be charged for the electrician’s visit.

If the fuses or circuit breaker is fully functional and the electricity is still not working, then you would need to check if your neighbours are experiencing the same problem. If so, please contact Scottish Power as this would be a national supply issue.

GasMan Energy - 0141 840 4706.

Other Emergency Situations

Please ensure you contact the appropriate emergency services before calling either ourselves or a contractor.

  • Immediate danger to personal safety in the property
  • Serious damage to building
  • Fire
  • Smashed window
  • Burglary where the property cannot be secured
  • Blocked toilet - A blocked toilet is not an emergency unless it is the only facility in the property and it has started to over flow. If a blockage is found at night, please try to avoid flushing and try to contain the situation until the morning when it becomes far easier for us to find available contractors.
    * Please do not put anything other than toilet paper into the toilet.  Baby wipes even if advertised as flushable should not be put into the toilet nor should nappies, cotton buds, etc.  If the source of the blockage is found to be because of anything other than toilet paper then the tenant will be charged for clearing the blockage.
  • Emergency Locksmith – If you have been broken into and need an emergency locksmith to repair or replace a lock please call the police to report the break in and then the locksmith to attend. If there is any loss of keys outside of standard office hours you will have to arrange for a lock smith at your own cost or find alternative accommodation.

Caledonian Lock & Safe - 0141 636 6266

Heating and/or Hot Water Supply

If your heating or hot water fails during out of office hours this is an inconvenience and not an emergency – it is assumed that any tenant will have suitable warm clothing and/or bedding to get through a night of failed heating. We will endeavour to fix any hot water failure as quickly as possible. While not ideal, as an interim measure, your kettle can be used to provide hot water for washing dishes and bathing.

Should your heating or hot water failure occur on a Friday or Saturday evening then please call our gas engineer the following morning.

GasMan Energy - 0141 840 4706.

Smoke and Heat Alarms

Your property has been fitted with either mains powered (with battery back-up) or long life lithium sealed battery heat and smoke alarms. If the alarms have been fitted prior to March 2019 they are most likely to be mains powered and will also have battery back up. The battery in these alarms will chirp when it is at the end of its life - new battery should be inserted by the tenant immediately. Smoke alarms contain a sensor which is used to detect a fire. Over time, dust can build up or small insects/flies can crawl inside the unit, obstruct the sensor and eventually cause false alarms. Cleaning your alarm helps to remove anything that could be blocking the sensor. Wipe the outside of the alarm with a damp cloth, then using a vacuum nozzle or a hair dryer (set on cold), to suck or blow through the openings of the alarm. Smoke and heat alarms in all properties are being upgraded over a period of time to long life lithium sealed battery units and these batteries do not need replaced.

NEVER try to disable the fire alarm system by removing or covering detectors, disabling the electricity supply or removing batteries. This is very dangerous and you will be charged for repairs. It is also a breach of your tenancy agreement.

Noisy neighbours/Anti-Social Behaviour

Having noisy neighbours can be very unpleasant. Unfortunately this is a domestic issue and we are powerless to intervene in an emergency. If you feel unsafe you should call the Police. You should also contact the environmental health department in the council – each council's details can be found easily by a simple internet search. For those resident in Glasgow, please call Glasgow Community Safety Team - 0141 287 6688. We advise following the steps below in the first instance: -

  • If you feel safe enough to do so, try to make personal contact. Many times you will find that your neighbours had no idea they were causing a nuisance.
  • If you prefer to keep a distance, use an anonymous letter or note. Be amiable, and try to let your neighbour see things from your perspective – if they are reasonable people they are likely to appreciate that everyone needs sleep.
  • Collect evidence. If your efforts at informing your neighbours that they are causing a nuisance are unsuccessful, you will benefit from having a diary of their noisy behaviour when you contact the authorities.
  • Be safe. When in doubt, do not engage your noisy neighbours – if you fear that they might escalate the situation into something beyond just noise making, or you feel frightened, bullied or intimidated, then contact the police rather than putting yourself into a potentially unsafe situation.

Please be aware that if you call out one of our emergency contractors and it is not deemed to be an emergency then you may be charged for the call out. If the issue is an emergency then the cost will be borne by the landlord.