Mac Flats Property Maintenance Division

Property Maintenance

Right from the commencement of the business in 2000, Mac Flats has been pro-active in building and property maintenance. Legislation dictates that private rented properties should be a safe environment in which a person can live.

Incoming property problems are logged on to our comprehensive computerised management reporting system as soon as they are received.

All reported problems are discussed within the Mac Flats Management Team and a specific manager is appointed for following it through to completion.

Where outside tradesmen are involved, we normally get quotes for the proposed work.

We only use suitably qualified tradesmen for specific maintenance issues.

Mac Flats are quite willing to deal with insurance companies on behalf of Landlords.

Where appropriate, authority is sought in advance from the person eventually paying the cost of the repair. Mac Flats are, however, governed by the terms of the Housing Scotland Act (various).

For general maintenance issues we have our own team.

Gardening and hedge cutting can be organised if required.

Mac Flats do not have night time or weekend maintenance staff on duty but every Tenant is given an ‘Emergency Call Out’ reference guide to cover all eventualities.