Non-Managed Landlord Services: Tenant Screening

Property leasing doesn’t have to come as part of a comprehensive package. Many landlords like to keep control of the management of their property and would prefer a service that helps them to find a tenant but then allows them to manage the property themselves.

That’s why we provide a bespoke service which allows landlords to choose only the services they need. We help you to market the property, find the right tenant, process the application and prepare and confirm the lease. Then we step aside, allowing you to take full control. It’s that simple.

Here we look at one of the vital steps and an invaluable service we provide as part of finding a tenant and processing their application. The tenant screening.

What’s Involved in a Tenant Screening?

A tenant screening is a process used by private landlords and property management companies in order to evaluate prospective tenants. Done properly, it’s a thorough but fair process which ensures the best tenant for the property. Delivering an outcome that suits both the landlord and the chosen tenant.

But what is involved in a tenant screening? What information and what processes decide who is the right tenant for any given situation?

What Information is Included?

It all starts with the rental application. This provides the basic personal information, references and the signature of the prospective tenant. These provisional details allow the procurement of a tenant screening report.

While screening reports can vary, they will generally include a combination of some or all of a selection of personal information. Some information such as rental references, employment verifications and references are readily attainable. Other information of a more private nature such as credit reports, evictions or DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks are attained through more stringent legal means.

Is this Information Available to Everyone?

As stated above, some of the information about a prospective tenant such as criminal records (relating to DBS) are more strictly controlled. As such, the more sensitive records can only be attained via the government run Disclosure and Barring Service in conjunction with the police.

Even then, these records are only available to employers, information services, property managers or landlords based on strict criteria and subject to government regulations and a code of practice. This code ensures that such private details remain confidential and are not used maliciously by employers or landlords (such as increasing the rent based on a conviction or credit history).

Why is a Tenant Screening Important?

A tenant screening is important in ensuring that the right tenant is found for the property. If a tenant has history of missed rental payments or ASBO convictions then it may not be in the landlord’s interest to offer them the property. Likewise, there is no point in wasting a potential tenant’s time over a property if it is simply unsuitable for their needs.

What the tenant screening report does is fast track the process for finding the most suitable tenant, whether that be for a long term, short term or student let.

Where Do I Get These Services?

As stated above, there are restrictions to how and when some of the information can be accessed. Firstly, it is dependent on the potential tenant completing an application and thereafter there are strict rules governing how and when the data is acquired.

The information can be obtained separately, such as credit records from reputable credit rating websites or conviction information directly from the government website (in conjunction with police records). Other information such as rental history and employment details can come directly from the prospective tenants application form.

Of course all of this can be extremely time consuming and intricate. By choosing a non-management landlord service from Mac Flats, you get provide complete Glasgow tenant screening services as well as a variety of other options to ensure you find the best tenant possible.

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